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28 May 2016


Below are some reports, articles and events that might provide you with more information about the decision we have to make on 23 June.

If you come across any impartial material that presents the facts on both sides of the argument that you think will be of interest to visitors to, please send them through to us .


What will Brexit mean for NI's businesses - 15 June
Ulster University debate  at 5.30pm at the York Street, Belfast campus.  Register online. 

Final Reviews, Polls, and Predictions – 20 June
LUCIDTALK EU Referendum Seminar at 5-7pm in Hudson Bar, Gresham Street, Belfast (also entrance by Royal Avenue).  Cost is £8 inc refreshments and snack-buffet.  Contributors include Alex Kane (NI political commentator) and Bill White (LucidTalk Polling and Market Research).  Register here

IoD EU Referendum Hub
The IoD website contains news and policy papers to help inform you about the issues relating to the Referendum.  Access it here.



Remain: here's a post with a lot of facts backing the author's view to remain in the EU.  


NI Affairs Committee
The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee's report on Northern Ireland and the EU referendum (HC 48) published on 26 May 2016.



Economists for Brexit convinced of strong case for leaving EU
Eight independent, leading economists set out their case for Brexit.  Access the report. 

UK Treasury analysis of the impact of leaving the EU
A Treasury report says that leaving the EU would cost British households £4300 a year.  Access the press release and information. 

GB's National Farmers' Union report
The NFU has commissioned a world-leading agricultural research institute - the LEI at Wageningen University - to consider the impact of a number of possible trade and farm support scenarios that would be open to the UK Government in the event of the country voting to leave the EU.  Access this report

CBI report on the implications of an EU exit for the UK economy
Access this report. 

Oxford Economics report - UK and NI
Oxford Economics has undertaken research looking that the potential impact of a UK exit from the EU and DETI joined the existing research project so that the study was extended to provide specific results for Northern Ireland, looking at the impact on measures such as GDP, trade and household spending across a range of scenarios.  Access the UK report and the Northern Ireland work.

How is NI economy looking with the referendum on the horizon?
The Ulster University Economic Policy Centre’s latest Economic Outlook is published – Spring 2016: A Finely Balanced Recovery. Download the report here.

NI risks falling behind GB in economic recovery
A new report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) suggests Northern Ireland will see significantly lower employment and levels of pay hindering attempts to address poverty. Visit the website for more.

Capital Economics report for Woodford
In-depth 2015 Capital Economics report for Woodford Investment Management examines EU Referendum implications.


Business voters still making up their mind
The 2nd IoD Northern Ireland Brexit survey (18 May 2016) shows a smaller percentage of 'don't knows' at 5.8% (down from 8.1% in March) with remain in the EU now at 72.1% (74.4%) compared to 22.1% to leave (17.5%).

47.1% of respondents say their Board has discussed the impact for their business of the referendum outcome and give some of the concerns.  Download a summary of the survey results.

More facts, less rhetoric – IoD NI survey (Mar 2016)
IoD Northern Ireland Brexit survey reveals members are inclined to stay in the EU based on what they currently know, but they need more information.

EU deal does enough – IoD UK survey (Feb 2016)
An IoD Policy Voice survey. 


Turkey and the EU - some facts
Professor David Phinnemore from Queen's, explains that Turkey is a long way from EU membership.  David spoke at the recent IoD EU Referendum roadshow in Belfast.

Nevin Economic Research Institute
NERI Director Tom Healy has blogged about the impact of Brexit, including on the Republic of Ireland and his colleague Paul MacFlynn has written this working paper on the economic impact for Northern Ireland.

Thoughts on immigration from The Positive Economist

Some facts about immigration and Brexit from Susan Hayes Culleton.

Interesting article from The Positive Economist
Susan Hayes Culleton, who blogs as The Positive Economist, has produced some facts on 4 popular arguments on Brexit.  Access the article.

Some pros and cons from The Economist

Cabinet Office says Brexit would affect lives of millions

The Telegraph has run a series of articles of what a post-EU Britain could look like.

What if Britain left the EU and could be more like Norway

Efficient Swiss find EU affairs run nothing like clockwork

Brexit lessons the UK could learn from nimble New Zealand.

Five things we learnt from Mark Carney and the Bank of England

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