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IoD Northern Ireland manifesto for government 2016

03 May 2016

A manifesto for better government 2016

Challenges and Opportunities
There is no doubt that for Northern Ireland to thrive economically, locally and on the global stage, we must place ourselves in a strong position to compete. Through better governance, investment, and a ‘can do’ attitude we can turn ourselves into the best Northern Ireland we can be.

The Institute of Directors believes that to compete successfully, we must:
? offer an environment supportive of economic growth, and attractive to potential inward investors;
? encourage an entrepreneurial public sector to deliver outcomes based on the well-being of citizens;
? exemplify the highest standards of governance from public boards to law-making institutions.

The Northern Ireland Assembly has the opportunity – with the Fresh Start Agreement, elections and negotiations aimed at forging a new Programme for Government – to make the changes necessary to transform this vision for a new Northern Ireland into reality. Some changes may require investment in business and infrastructure, others require investment in attitude.

IoD has long argued that the economy is NI plc’s first priority, but a strong economy measured by GDP alone and no wider purpose is sterile. We argue that the end goal must be the improved well-being of all our citizens, and we commit ourselves to working for that end, playing our part as entrepreneurs, directors and corporate leaders. We all have a part to play in transforming our economy and society for the better.

We believe that government should move towards an outcomes-based approach, thereby liberating the public sector to pursue the achievement of tangible results. We recommend incentivising public bodies through reduced red tape, permitting the reinvestment of efficiency savings, and investing in quality training by leaders within the private sector, third and public sectors (including the highly commended IoD Diploma in Company Direction).

This document calls on our political leaders to generate a new spirit of partnership with business and community leaders that will place Northern Ireland front and centre on the global economic stage.
Paul Terrington, Chairman IoD Northern Ireland

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